Counseling in Southlake and Colleyville, Texas

Much of my counseling service in Southlake and Colleyville, Texas focuses on relationships. because, after all, we all occupy at least one of these relationship roles: spouse, parent, parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, child, friend, co-worker, employer, and employee.

My office was in Southlake Texas for 3 years.  It is now 2/10 of a mile outside the Southlake city limits. I have raised my children in Colleyville in the GCISD system.  I know first hand the intricacies of living in a small community.  This is only one of the reasons that confidentiality is so important to me.

Our relationships can be both our most significant source of happiness and, simultaneously, cause the most intense feelings of pain. Whether the problem is a recent or impending personal loss; conflicted, confusing, or distant relationships; trauma or abuse; struggles at work or home; or bouts with depression or anxiety, we are here to help.

If you are looking for marriage, relationship, familty, or couples counseling in Colleyville or Southlake Texas, call today.