Put Play in Your Relationship


When you were growing up it was most likely encouraged to play via paint, sports, and other creative activities. Play was celebrated and an integral part of childhood. As we grow up, play becomes less important; we are celebrated for career accomplishments, buying a house, starting a business and other adult responsibilities. Play and creativity are an important aspect of ourselves; they help us connect with our inner child, act as a form of self-care and an outlet when life gets stressful. Play is an important aspect of relationships as well; play helps us connect with our partner on a level and develop other coping mechanisms when life gets overwhelming. Do you encourage play in your relationship?

http://daviddmorse.com/?author=2 How to embrace play in your relationship:

purchase Pregabalin Do an activity from childhood:

What was your favorite activity from childhood, was it climbing trees, finger painting or playing an instrument? Whatever activity it was, learn how to integrate it into your life today. After a stressful day at work, pull out paint instead of sitting on the couch watching Netflix and paint with your partner.

official website Buy a colorful outfit:

If your day-to-day wardrobe is a little bland, purchase a new, colorful outfit you typically wouldn’t wear. If you are hesitant, go to your local second-hand store and see what they carry. Color is playful, have fun with it and make a date of it by bringing your partner along- even better, pick each others outfit out and go on a date after wearing the outfits!

buy strattera Eat your favorite childhood foods:

Funfetti cake, chicken nuggets, Jello- you get the idea. Pick up or make your favorite childhood foods that are fun and bring back memories. To share this experience with your partner, have your partner make their favorite childhood foods and share the experience together by sharing what you love about each food and the memories eating the foods bring up for each of you!

Do something active:

Kids are active, always running around and playing sports. Pick one active activity from childhood and do it with your partner. Maybe you were really into swimming but haven’t been in a pool for over a decade, embrace the new activity in your life and share it with your partner.

Having a partner, you can play and share new activities with will help your relationship grow! Through play, you will each learn something new about one another and experience play through their eyes. What are you waiting for? Go play!




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