Living in a bad or unhealthy relationship is one of the worst things you can do. The stress piles up, particularly if you’re married and living with the person through the course of the failing relationship. It takes our bodies about 90 minutes to recover from a stressful event – so imagine the toll this takes if you’re dealing with stress in your life all day every day. 

That’s where a marriage counselor comes into play. A good counselor can help you improve your marriage and maybe even save it. 

Consider these five reasons to go to marriage counselling. 

1. You Argue All the Time Over Nothing

Arguments are a big reason that people choose couple’s therapy as an option. In many situations, these arguments are over nothing at all. This tends to happen when there are major sources of tension that have not been resolved, or if the two of you have so much building resentment that small matters become large. 

One of the benefits of marriage counselling is that a professional can help you detangle these issues until you feel comfortable discussing your problems and using workable solutions. 


2. You Argue All the Time Over Major Issues

Arguments are major things that can also spell trouble for your marriage. It’s one of the biggest signs to look out for since it’s a sign that these major issues are not properly being resolved or talked about. 

Money is a major source of frustration for many married couples. A counselor can help you work through all of these details so that they are brought to light and handled correctly. 


3. One or Both Are Considering Divorce

It’s definitely time to bring in a professional if you or your spouse is considering divorce. Divorce is the final say, so it’s not something that you should ever take lightly. 

Choose a counselor that believes in working hard to keep marriages together. People with religious leanings might also prefer Christian counselling or other faith-based services. Going faith-based is great if this is your interest, but always make sure that they’re still qualified and trained. 

4. Communication Is Non-Existent or Unhealthy

If you want to improve your marriage it starts with communication. The couples that can talk through any and every problem are the ones that can weather the storms that come along. 

Professional counselling is an excellent way to learn effective communicating and listening strategies that you can bring into your marriage. 

5. Infidelity or Sex Are Issues

Finally, infidelity issues are commonplace in marriage. People have different stances on cheating, and you often don’t know how you’ll handle it until you’re dealing with it. 

It’s an issue that you can work through with the help of a professional. You might also have other sex problems in your relationship, such as sexless marriage or a cold bedroom. There are plenty of counselors that specialize in sex therapy, in addition to other core aspects of couple’s therapy. 

Give Marriage Counselling a Try

Going to marriage counselling may very well be the best decision that you make. It can help the two of you stick it out until death do you part, or can give you the strength and closure that you need to end the relationship.

No matter the outcome, marriage is an investment and lifestyle worth investing in, so give counseling a serious try. 

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