About Confidential Care Professional Counseling

I help struggling  stressed out couples reduce conflict, rebuild trust, find solutions and reconnect emotionally. By providing a judgement free place to learn specific scientific techniques for safe communication, and healing  past wounds by gaining a deeper understanding of who your partner is and what they need.


Evening appointments available.

Today you are one step closer to a closer healthier relationship or a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well being.

You can overcome issues of depression, anxiety, grief and loss, stress, bipolar disorder, emotional issues, childhood trauma, and divorce. Marriage counseling can make your relationship thrive.


Confidential Care Professional Counseling is synonymous with me, Linda Miller-deBerard. The name of my practice is the mission for my practice:

  • CONFIDENTIAL: To provide privacy and confidentiality. Not accepting insurance allows me to tell absolutely NO ONE that you have received counseling.
  • CARE: I am truly personally interested in seeing you get to a better place. It brings me the greatest joy to see you receive healing.
  • PROFESSIONAL: I consistently receive far more than the required continuing education. I strive to be professional by not taking phone calls, having meals or discussing my personal life during your counseling time. Your counseling time is a sacred safe place reserved for you alone.
  • COUNSELING: I’m trained in numerous models and will use one or more of them to help you overcome depression, family conflict, marital issues or cope with stressful life situations.

Linda Miller-deBerard specializes in Marriage and Relationship counseling. With certifications in Imago Relationship and Solution Oriented therapy,and training in the Gottman method.   I show you how to understand one another and find tailor made solutions to your core conflicts in a safe and neutral environment. I have more than 29 years of experience treating emotional disorders and stress related disorders.

You can get where you want to be relationally and emotionally with a counselor who brings you EXPERIENCE, EMPATHY, and PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALING

“I truly care and take a personal emotional interest in participating in your growth and healing. It is my honor to participate in your emotional and relational wellness.”

I have helped thousands of couples repair their marriages.

I can help you make your relationship happier and healthier. Solution-oriented marital therapy will:

  • Teach you how to communicate so your partner will hear you,
  • Focus on solutions not dwell on problems,
  • Help you master skills to make your relationship more loving.
  • Help you reconnect
  • Teach you to communicate without judgement, criticism or blame.
  • Linda Miller-deBerard’s other specialty is in treating individuals for emotional issues and coaching for stressful situations.

I can help you learn tools to overcome depression and anxiety and help you cope with life’s stressful situations. Cognitive therapy will:

  • Help change self defeating thoughts
  • Build beliefs that are truer and feel better
  • Get emotional support from a caring professional

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