Blending Families

Going into new relationships is difficult after divorce. Hopefully, you have spent some time learning how to raise your children in two homes and you’ve built a co parenting relationship with your ex. The first thing you must establish when you start dating someone is that no matter what went on in your divorce, the best thing for your kids is to have open communication about your children with their other parent. Reassure them that you will not be discussing personal issues in your relationship or in their lives unless it directly impacts your children. this can be hard hard for your partner to accept if they have an antagonistic relationship with their ex.
If thats the case, encourage one another to take the high road for the children. It’s particularly difficult if your partner has no children or no ex. It’s sometimes difficult for previously single partners to accept the necessity of an ongoing co parenting relationship with your ex. Help them understand that your ex will forever be in your lives because your children will never stop being something you have in common. This goes for grand children as well
Talk about your parenting strategies before you move in together. Even if you do this you will see parenting strategies that are different form your own or that you don’t even like. Most of our parenting skills come from the way we were raised then evolve over our lives with our children other parent. Thats a lot of influences that you bring into your new relationship. They also have those influences. Your now tasked with finding a style that works for the two of you.

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