Collaborative divorce – options for a wiser generation

collaborative divorceMy past blogs discuss the many reasons that I received training in Collaborative divorce and as a mediator.

I will always grieve when a marriage ends. The increasing numbers of people divorcing without attorneys speaks loudly that people want to be in control of their own decisions, they want to manage the cost of their divorce. And most importantly, they are becoming more aware of how lengthy court battles and bitter relationships can harm them and their children.

This is why I am passionate about two things professionally. First, do everything you can to make your marriage healthy and keep your family in tact. Second, if your marriage is too unhealthy to survive it is critical to you, your children and grandchildren to leave a legacy that is not destructive.

Divorce Mediation at Confidential Care Professional Counseling

Divorce and Seperation at Confidential Care Professional Counseling

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