Counseling in Southlake, Texas

I’ve lived in Colleyville for 29 years.  When I moved here, Southlake consisted of a Dairy Queen and a plant nursery.  My office was in Southlake Texas for 3 years. I’m familiar with the benefits issues and needs that come from living in a community like Southlake.  Privacy is of utmost importance.  Southlake is after all, a small town.  My office is 2/10 of a mile outside of the Southlake city limit.  No one will ever see your car parked outside of my building when you come in for couples counseling. No one will ever know that you’ve seen me, unless you tell them.

I’d like you to begin to ask yourself some important questions: Is your relationship suffering? Can it be saved? What would it take to save it, what would you have to change? What would your partner have to change? Relationship counseling is only a phone call away.

I have  a high success rate because I am focused  on working with relationships. I received years of specialty training to perfect my skills in working with relationships. That’s why so many families, couples, and individuals looking for a counselor in Southlake, Texas call my office for help.

Couples counseling can truly make a difference. My office is a judgement free zone where I try to make you feel comfortable and teach you new skills that will make your marriage healthy and fun again

So if your marriage is in trouble – and you want to do something about it – don’t hesitate. Take the first step to make things better. Call right now.