Couples Therapy

Confidential Care Professional Counseling specializes couples therapy.

I help struggling  stressed out couples reduce conflict, rebuild trust, find solutions and reconnect emotionally. By providing a judgement free place to learn specific scientific techniques for safe communication, and healing  past wounds by gaining a deeper understanding of who your partner is and what they need.

Why call me?

I understand struggling couples better than any other therapist in my area because of my many years of experience and my many years of specialty training in several major couples models.  I understand the challenges of working on and sustaining a happy marriage with someone who has opposite personality characteristics.  I have the ability to teach you how to understand each other, develop solutions to your core issues, improve your intimacy and bring you connection and joy!

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Are You Feeling Lonely, Hurt, or Frustrated? Are You Struggling In Your Marriage or Relationship? Are you having the same old fights with no resolution? Are you struggling to heal the wounds or navigate the crisis of infidelity?

You are not alone! In our hearts we all want the same thing in our relationships:
A loving partner who shares our hurts and joys as we walk through life together.

Most couples struggle at times to feel connected and understood. But sometimes the more they struggle, the worse it feels. That’s when a couple therapist can be of help.

Counseling for Couples

The relationship counselor you choose for you and your partner should answer questions to help both parties feel comfortable before you commit to working with them.  Call today and ask your questions about couples therapy, marriage counseling, or relationship counseling. Linda Miller-deBerard is certified with the Imago Relationship Institute.

Based on the best selling book Getting The Love You Want and featured on Oprah’s list of favorites.

  • Learn safe communication using a dialogue format.
  • Understand  your partner at the deepest level
  • Build emotional connection.
  • Make real changes that work long term
  • Leave each session knowing what behavior you can work on changing to make a difference in your marriage

I’m trained in the Gottman Model of Couples Therapy.  The Gottmans are the couples researches who observed couples in their natural habitat!  They put couples in condos and observed them over time.  They were able to identify the behaviors of the “masters” and the “disasters”.  Their book 7 Habits of Successful Couples identifies those behaviors to help couples who are struggling learn the behaviors of couples who are successful.  The Gottman model is all about eliminating the 4 Horsemen, predictors of divorce according to their research.

The four horsemen are:

Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling

Learning to eliminate these behaviors is key to making your relationship healthy.

Lastly, I’m certified as a Marriage on The Rock couples leader.  Marriage on the Rock is the program created by Jimmy Evans and featured on the television show Marriage Today. The concepts are Christian oriented and begin with putting God first and your partner second.  If you are not a Christian, no worries.  I will treat you with dignity and respect and will never discuss my beliefs unless you ask.

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Here for You

Offering concierge service!  When you call my number, I am the only person you will talk to from start to finish.  If your in a crisis, I will do everything possible to get you in as soon as possible or do a phone session with you. If you are looking for a relationship counselor in Colleyville, Grapevine, Southlake, or Keller, consider calling Confidential Care Professional Counseling.  I look forward to talking with you, answering any questions and helping you rediscover hope!


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