End of the Rope Separation

buy Lyrica 75 mg I will always encourage you to work on your marriage.
Divorce in Texas

Sometimes couples come in when one of them has made the decision to end the marriage.  I know that separation can be therapeutic IF done with help and structure .

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If you are at the end of the rope and are considering separation or divorce you need to have conversations about what that will look like.

I participate in end of the rope reconciliation because if your marriage can’t survive, it is critical to your emotional and financial well being and the future of your children that your divorce be peaceful and healthy. I can help you cope with divorce issues, It’s my belief that litigation causes unnecessary damage. Don’t let attorneys ruin your future co-parenting relationship. 

It is possible to have a therapeutic separation (a separation with the intent of working on the relationship) but that requires a plan. It helps if you have a plan for how to manage time, money and children. Sometimes couples feel more comfortable separating and giving the marriage time if they put contracts into place regarding finances and children.

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I often get calls from people saying “I’m getting a divorce and want to bring my children in for counseling”, my answer is: If you and your child’s other parent are respectful and work together to restructure your lives in a healthy way, your children may not need counseling to deal with divorce alone. At the very least you owe it to yourself and your children to learn healthy ways to communicate. Remember that even if your marriage doesn’t survive, your relationship as mom and dad still needs to be cordial and respectful. Your co-parenting relationship is what will truly determine the emotional health of your children. I offer divorce consultation to help you work together as co parents so that your children won’t need therapy because of a divorce.

Don’t Let Litigation Leave Your Lives in Ruins!

http://www.reparation-iphone-cergy.fr/756-dtgf18047-site-actualite-gay.html Early Mediation the healthiest most private divorce: 
Traditional mediation, the kind most attorneys do in Texas happens when a judge orders you to make decisions AFTER you and your spouse have spent lots of money arguing over opposite positions.

Detente  Mediation, the only one of it’s kind in Texas can help you learn to communicate and understand the law if you need to have contracts in place to allow you time to separate and work on the marriage. Detente Collaborative Mediation was designed by an experienced civil litigator, Stacey H. Langenbahn, J.D. She believes that smart people can get information about divorce laws from an experienced attorney and manage their communication and emotions with some help and structure. With these resources couples can sit together, develop options that work legally, financially and emotionally and find their own tailor made decisions. People who make the difficult decision to end their marriage don’t intend to damage their children. What truly damages children is an atmosphere of antagonism and tension over time. Early Collaborative mediation helps couples minimize antagonism and tension for children by helping couples develop healthy co-parenting skills and communication. It decreases tension by giving couples a private process that works around their schedule. It saves money by using the family income to accomplish common goals of legally untying assets and debt in a way that works best for the family.

Linda has extensive training and experience in mediation and collaborative divorce.  The difference in early mediation is that it is a client driven process, not an attorney driven process.  I work with Detente Mediation because families deserve a humane way to settle disputes that is based on their unique needs. That’s why I participate and train in early mediation and  am a member of the Association of  Professional Family Mediators and the Texas Association of Mediators. We  have also presented the Detente  Mediation model internationally to professionals who have seen the damage caused by the litigation system.

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