Make Goals for Your Relationship

A lot of us tend to make personal goals when it comes to our careers and health. Have you thought about making goals with your partner to help improve your relationship? Maybe you both are struggling with spending time together because the day keeps you so busy, or you both are looking to add more fun to your relationship.

Goal Ideas:

Unplug:   So you both are finding it hard to spend time together, but every night you both scroll through Facebook, Instagram, the news, and shop while you are unwinding before bed. Our smartphones can create a barrier and distance in relationships when they are used too much.  Make your bedroom a technology-free zone – no smartphones or computers, place your tablets and phones in a basket before spending time with your partner. Over time it will become a habit, and you and your partner will enjoy the technology-free quality time together.

Eat Together:  If your goal as a couple is to order less take-out and cook and eat together; pick a few nights a week that work for each other’s schedule. Plan the meals you would like to make and buy all the groceries in advance. It is easy to slip into old habits and order take-out when you don’t have all the ingredients needed for your meals, so food prep will come in handy for couples that are not regular cooks.

Financial Goal:  As a couple, are you working towards buying a home, car, or purchase new furniture? If saving money is a challenge for one partner, one idea is to send a certain percentage of their paycheck to a joint checking account that is reserved for the specific financial goal. At the end of the month, review your saved funds to see if you can make little adjustments to get your financial goal faster.

Make Fun A Goal:  A favorite goal I like to see my couples accomplish is scheduling a time to just hang out,  talk, and work on their friendship.  It’s important to pull out the calendar and get times and dates confirmed.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Try to find ways to laugh and enjoy each other.  Take turns planning a new activity.  Find jokes and funny stories to tell each other.  Or blow bubbles, play with the kids toys together and just be silly.

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