Make Marriage The Priority

I’m very proud to announce the completion of my training with Marriage on the Rock an receiving my certificate of completion for the course. I love what Pastor Jimmy Evans calls the Four Foundational Laws of Marriage. The first law is the Law of priority. PastorJimmy says that “God designed Marriage to Operate as Your #1 Priority, Except for God. It Won’t function in any other position. This could not be truer or better said.

So many of the core issues I see are about prioritizing your relationship. I see couples who make every thing in their lives more important than their partner. It’s amazing what people come up with to not spend time or interact. In my many years in the counseling profession I’ve seen priorities take a dramatic change. With technology it’s now possible to work around the clock. With children being so over schedule it’s common for couples to barely see each other. With so much focus on the self it seems acceptable for people to do what makes me happy instead of making my partner or my marriage a priority.

All of these things seem important, but if they become more important than your partner or your marriage they are useless temporary distractions. When your primary relationship suffers or fails, it can be life altering.

According to Marriage on the Rock, four actions that prove our marriage is a priority are through sacrifice: giving something up, time, energy, and attitude, being interested, positive and affirming. If you can show your partner that they are a priority in these ways you’ll have a key ingredient to a healthy marriage.

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