Marriage Counseling

Here is what  you can expect from me:

I help struggling  stressed out couples reduce conflict, rebuild trust, find solutions and reconnect emotionally. By providing a judgement free place to learn specific scientific techniques for safe communication, and healing  past wounds by gaining a deeper understanding of who your partner is and what they need.

Marriage Counseling Appointments Available Within 1 Week

Falling in love is easy, staying in love is another matter. Instead of examining why you are stuck, learn to focus on solutions.


I understand struggling couples better than any other therapist in my area because of my many years of experience and my many years of specialty training in several major couples models.  I understand the challenges of working on and sustaining a happy marriage with someone who has opposite personality characteristics.  I have the ability to teach you how to understand each other, develop solutions to your core issues, improve your intimacy and bring you connection and joy.

for Marriage Counseling clients!!

  • Your relationship seems to take a back seat to everything else
  • You and your partner keep arguing about the same subjects
  • You feel angry, resentful, misunderstood or hurt much of time
  • You and your partner get along well, you just want to feel closer
  • You are single and want to find and keep love
  • You feel hopeless and are considering divorce
  • You’ve tried counseling before, but didn’t learn how to do things differently

Learn tools to make your relationship happier and healthier. Start here before marriage counseling.

Solution oriented marital counseling will help you work as a team to meet each others needs:

  • Teach you how to communicate so your partner will hear you.
  • Help you master skills to make your relationship more loving
  • Help you rediscover the joy in your relationships
  • Teach effective and appropriate communication skills
  • Teach you to work as a couple on parenting issues, including blending families (step parenting)
  • Help you learn to stop the power struggles and find win/win solutions
  • Teach you to find compromise even regarding financial issues
  • Learn to apply your Christian values to your healing

Marriage Counseling

Confidential Care Professional Counseling offers marriage counseling solutions when…
The relationship counselor you choose to help with your marriage should answer questions to help you both feel comfortable before you make an appointment.

Linda is certified with the Imago Relationship Institute. Based on the best selling book Getting The Love You Want and featured on Oprahs list of favorites.

  • Learn safe communication using a dialogue format.
  • Understand your partner at the deepest level
  • Build emotional connection.
  • Make real changes that work long term

Now offering Gottman Method Couples Therapy for marriage counseling clients.

This model is a research based model that focuses on changing unhealthy communication. The assessment tool helps us understand precisely what areas of your relationship are in need of change and what areas are working well. The Gottman method includes a 3 part interview assessment as well as a comprehensive online assessment tool. Call now to find out more about Gottman Method Therapy.


Created by Drs. John and Julie Gottman in Collaboration with The Gottman Institute

A new online assessment that automatically scores a couple’s strengths and challenges.

This clinical tool consists of 480 questions about friendship, intimacy, how well you know your partner, how you manage emotions and conflict, how you share your values and goals, and what gives meaning to your lives. There are additional questions about parenting, housework, finances, trust, and individual areas of concern. The ques- tionnaire is completely confidential, fully HIPAA compliant, and your therapist will be the only person to see your responses.

The Gottman Relationship Checkup is a breakthrough in couple’s therapy as it allows for a confidential, efficient way for your clinician to complete the evaluation process. By using this new technology, your assessment can be done at any time and in the setting of your choice! Upon completion, it automatically provides valuable clinical information by pinpointing specific strengths and challenges in your relationship, while also suggesting action- able, research-based recommendations for therapy.

You can feel confident in your results. Drs. John and Julie Gottman created this research-based assessment in collaboration with The Gottman Institute to help couples build a personalized treatment plan with their thera- pist. Dr. John Gottman is a clinical psychologist who has completed more than 40 years of research on couple relationships, and is recognized as one of the top 10 most influential therapists of the last quarter century. Dr. Julie Gottman is a highly respected clinical psychologist who is sought internationally by the media and clinical organizations as an expert advisor on relationships. Together, they have dedicated their lives to helping couples, and The Gottman Relationship Checkup is the result of this life work.

How it works:

  1. Accept your invitation – Your therapist will send each of you a separate email inviting you to The Gottman Relationship Checkup.
  2. Create a private profile – Once you have accepted the email invitation to join The Gottman Relationship Checkup, you and your partner will each create individual, separate profiles.
  3. Complete the questionnaire – You and your partner will each complete your own questionnaire at your convenience. Stop and start at any time. Neither partner will be able to access the other’s information at any point in the process. In order to pre- serve the integrity and accuracy of the tool, you are encouraged not to share your responses with each other or log in to your partner’s account. The actual time it takes to complete each assessment varies, but it will take, on average, about two hours.
  4. Get your results – When you have both completed your individual questionnaires, your therapist will be notified and will be able to securely log in to review your scores and the analysis of your relationship. Your therapist will be able to discuss the results with you and suggest a treatment plan for improving and strengthening your relationship.

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