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1 Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling

The first thing I tell clients looking for a Christian Counselor is that I share their Christian beliefs and I do my best to live my life and run my practice according to Biblical principles.

I can not fathom how therapists are able to do the work we do without the belief and knowledge that Christ is the only true healer.  I don’t claim to be a Biblical scholar so you will most likely not hear me quote scripture in our sessions. My prayer is that you will see Christ in my words, actions and how I treat you and your relationship. With our shared beliefs I hope to be a vessel that carries healing to your anxiety, depression and marriage.

Christian Counseling is based on Biblical principles.  Particularly grace, forgiveness, healing and hope, all vital for relationships and emotional wellness.  As Christians we are not immune to depression, anxiety, marital problems or even divorce.  We deal with such human pain and suffering I am comforted by 1John 1:5 “God is light, in him there is no darkness”. I believe that Christ has called me to minister to those in emotional and relational pain.

It is sometimes hard for Christians to admit that they are struggling with depression, anxiety and relationship problems.  I want my clients to know that counseling with me is free of judgement.  We have all fallen short, we have all experienced pain.  It takes courage to reach out for help, Proverbs 20:18 encourages us to “Hear counsel, and receive instruction, That thou mayest be wise.” You can trust that I will pray with you and remain in prayer for you.

My story

I was raised in a Lutheran church but struggled with my faith until college where I attended non denominational and then Assemblies of God churches. I served in those churches as a cleaning lady, a pre school Sunday school teacher, a prayer minster, a trainer for a program similar to Stephens ministry, and a speaker/ trainer for couples seminars.  I have volunteered to coordinate groups that include Divorce Recovery, Search for Significance, a Biblical self-esteem group and Finding God’s purpose for Your Marriage I have most recently participated in the marriage ministry training and counseling center at Whites Chapel UMC. I frequently attend Compass Christian and Gateway churches as I’m at a time in my life where God is calling me to a new church and ministry but he hasn’t shown me where to be just yet.

When people ask how I can deal with the problems I see daily I tell them ‘it is my greatest blessing to witness Gods healing in the lives of those who are in emotional pain’. I know that God is the true healer and I feel blessed to serve Him by  helping others.

Confidential Care Professional Counseling is based on Christian Biblical beliefs. I strive to only speak the truth of Biblical principles while using my various counseling models.  I  welcome people of all faiths or no faith to my counseling practice.   I believe that showing love and acceptance to those with other beliefs is what God wants from me.

My goal in couples work is ALWAYS to work to restore your marriage. I will commit to working as long and as hard as you need me to, including offering intensive sessions, evening sessions and if necessary end of the rope reconciliation.
My prayer is that when you work with me you will experience God’s peace, joy, grace and healing.

Confidential Care Professional Counseling (CCPC) is a Christian owned business and is listed as a resource by Focus on The Family, Christian Counseling and The Association of Biblical Counselors.