Questions That Deepen Your Relationship


When you first started dating your partner, you both were most likely full of questions; it seemed as if you would never run out of questions. As the months and years go by and the initial excitement of a new relationship settles into daily living, we stop asking questions. We get it, it is only natural as you settle into daily living.  You know your partner’s favorite foods, their quirks, and regular schedule, life becomes more routine. Questions are important; they can bring some excitement back into your relationship and further develop bonds of trust and intimacy!

We know what you may be thinking, how can asking my partner questions bring excitement back to our relationship? Trust us; the following five questions are questions you most likely have not thought about asking your partner as they may provoke feelings of uneasiness. With uneasiness comes growth and a deeper connection to your partner. So what do you have to lose? Grab your partner for 10 minutes and ask them a few of the following questions!

  1. Find Out More What are your needs, and how can I do a better job at meeting them? Try to get information about solutions instead of asking them to focus on what doesn’t work. Maybe you are not speaking their love language,  get specific information about what behaviors speak love to them.
  2. In our support circle, friends family, and colleagues- who do you think has the best relationship and why? An insightful question that may elicit their wants and needs. Often, if someone in the relationship struggles with communication their needs, recognizing it in other couples is a way for them to communicate it. They may say they like that their parents are affectionate, ask them if they would like more affection.
  3. What do you love about being together? A simple, but deeply meaningful question. As time goes on, what we love about being in a relationship with our partner may change and that is okay.
  4. What keeps you awake at night that you have not shared with me? Maybe your partner has been stressed about money for a few months after the loss of a job, or they could be questioning the next steps in the relationship, or their dream of pursuing a different profession is keeping them up at night. Accept their answer or lack of one without judgement or criticism, stay open and listen.
  5. How can we improve our sex life? All healthy relationships require fun, and sex is a fun way to connect and explore fantasies with your partner and develop deeper bonds of intimacy. Maybe they want to try sex toys or role play, whatever it may be, allow them to explore their fantasies without shame.

 Asking your partner questions that are meaningful can deepen your bond and develop more trust in the relationship when your partner can be 100% transparent with their answers. Stay open and listen to what your partner says when talking, their answers may surprise you!


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