Christian Counseling & ReBuilding Trust in a Relationship


Linda Miller deBerard-2 17 17 Counselor


In this show we discussed how Christian counseling helps couples because of sharing beliefs and knowing that God is the true healer. But it’s important to respect the beliefs of others. Being a Christian counselor means I run my life and my business in accordance with Biblical truths and principles. We talk about the reality that all relationships go into conflict and how the kind of conflict we have and the resolution of conflict can make or break a relationship. As well as what romantic brain is and that it is short lived. We talk about my preference to see clients face to face but that I am willing to do sessions online or on the phone and why I work the late hours that I have. In the second half of the show we talk about the origin of anxiety and a simple technique to help children overcome anxiety. I take a call from a caller dealing with trust issues and have a discussion about a therapeutic separation. I also talk with a caller who asks about the possibility of getting benefit from one session and dealing with a family member with long term emotional issues.



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