Radio Interview: Work on Your Marriage

In this radio interview with Stephanie Mitchell we talk about my hope being to help relationships stronger deeper and safer. We talk about childhood wiring and how what we learn and experience in our childhood home affects our current relationships. Stephanie talks about finding fairy tale love and I share that I’m the most unromantic therapist you’ll ever meet. The romantic part of the relationship is wonderful but more important is what we do when we go into conflict. Its important to learn to have conflict in ways that are not damaging.I give a simple formula for having a conversation about something you need in a relationship. I take a call from someone who’s having conflict with her partner over the use of social media. I talk with her about being able to address this in a way that won’t make her partner feel attacked. A second call was from a lady struggling with anxiety. I discussed the use of cognitive therapy and the reason I do divorce mediation. Stephanie and I also talked about what marriage is and the importance of working on it

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