Small Gestures Show You Care


When you first started dating your partner, you most likely showered them with gifts, attention, and dinners out. As time goes on, you move in together, get married, have kids, and work keeps you busy. The initial excitement of dating, and showing your partner you care about them through small gestures can take a backseat. Small gestures not only show someone you care about them, but it is also an opportunity to speak their love language.

Before we jump into a few gestures, it is important to understand your partner’s love language as this will help you select which gesture will mean the most to your partner. Does your partner like to spend time together just the two of you? Is your partner into meaningful gifts? Does your partner enjoy physical touch? If you are unsure of what a love language is, you can learn more here.

Small gestures to show you care:

  1. Do something they have been talking about: Has your partner wanted to try the new Asian restaurant in town, or have they wanted to try a new workout class at your gym? Focus in on an activity they have been talking about and book it for them, or for you to do as a couple.
  2. Gift giving: Thoughtful gifts go a long way to show you care. Picking up your partner’s favorite latte, flowers, or a baked treat shows them you are thinking about them.
  3. Tell them how you feel and how much you care for them: We often get wrapped up in the day to day that we forget to show our gratitude for one another. Take a moment to tell your partner how much they mean to you. If you are not much of a talker, you can always write out your gratitude in a nice card.
  4. Act of service: Has your partner been asking you to clean the sheets or take out the trash on a weekly basis? Do an act of service without them asking and leave them a note saying you took care of the task.
  5. Do something for someone your partner cares about: This is an extra step but is greatly meaningful to your partner and the person they care about. If you live in a different area from your in-laws, send them specialty chocolate, something made in your state, or a homemade treat.



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