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1 The Marriage Counseling Process

The Marriage Counseling Process

Everything I do is tailor made to meet your needs

When you call my office the only person you will ever talk to is me. This gives you my personalized time and attention as well as insuring that no one will ever know you have contacted at therapist unless you tell them. Tailor made services means that you don’t get a cookie cutter standard like “I only do __ minute sessions”. The length and frequency of sessions is decide on with your input and based on your relationship and individual needs.

The evaluation is the beginning of identifying what issues or problems need to be addressed in the safest way possible. You have the option to make your first appointment for 45 minutes or 90 minutes. Usually the first meeting is done with both partners and is designed to gather information without placing blame.A heart made of words “HOPE”

A heart made of words "HOPE"

I have found that some couples prefer that I spend a full visit alone with each partner. This allows individuals to fully express their perceptions about the marital issues without fear of offending their partner.

In some cases, particularly high conflict cases, the recommendation is made to do separate sessions to work on the marriage. Most importantly, I encourage couples to use what they hear from their partner to look for what they need to change about themselves to make the marriage healthier. Instead of focusing on what each person did wrong, it is more important to focus on what each of you can do differently to achieve a better outcome in the future.

If your partner won’t join you come alone.

You can still learn tools to make your marriage better and to feel better about your situation.