Therapy, Everyone’s Doing It!

Long gone are the days where people feel ashamed and stigmatized for going to therapy. Therapy is no longer just for people with serious emotional issues.  Your neighbor down the street, your colleagues, even your doctors go to therapy. We all face life situations that are difficult to handle alone.  Therapy is a place to explore ongoing issues in your life and a place where you can focus 100% on yourself, practice self-care and work through pressing issues related to your career, family, friends, and balancing it all.

You might not know that therapists are also excellent life coaches!  If you’re just needing some direction, support or accountability, your therapist does not have to go deep into your issues if you just want coaching.

Here are some thing that therapy can offer:

browse around these guys Unbiased Support: Having a support system is vital when maintaining life and mental health balance. Let’s be honest for a moment, friends and family are biased, and we sometimes disclose information about our relationships or other issues that can become problematic later on. In therapy, you don’t need a filter, you can say what you want and talk about how your partner, mom or boss made you feel during your last conversation without it coming back to you.

We’ve all been there when we disclose personal, private information to our friend about our partner and it somehow comes back to you and can cause embarrassment for you or your partner. Save those conversations for therapy! Work out some heavy stuff:  Maybe you are struggling with an eating disorder or experienced a traumatic event that you are not ready to talk about to your loved ones but know you need to work on it or talk to someone because you are struggling emotionally to keep it all in.

Therapy is a safe space for you to talk about the struggles that keep you up at night and how to cope and work on them. Your therapist will be able to talk through these issues with you, suggest coping skills, ways to practice self-care and over time experience less panic, anxiety or depression related to what you were first struggling with. Therapy is a tool that used correctly can help you better deal and cope with life’s most significant challenges, but for it to be successful, you have to commit and be open to the process.

Our mental and physical health are equally important, and each needs time, care and attention. We have no problem going to the doctor when we have a sprained ankle, so we should feel the same when our mental health is a little off to call up our therapist and schedule a session. There is nothing wrong with taking care of your mental health. There is no reason to be ashamed, but you don’t have to wear a sign on your forehead either.  Therapy even if you’re doing coaching with your therapist is always confidential



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