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1 Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

Appointments for those seeking treatment for anxiety and depression are available within 1 week, Call for a free consultation.

Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

Let me help  you defeat depression and anxiety – isn’t it time to get your life back on track?


Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

You can overcome depression and anxiety, build emotional well being, handle stress, and improve your self esteem with short term individual counseling!

 If you are experiencing depression or anxiety you are very aware of having emotional discomfort.  You might have a situation that you know is causing you to feel bad. You might just have feelings that are uncomfortable and don’t connect to a life event.  Talking to an objective person can help you see new ways to cope with difficult situations and emotions.  

I trained at the inpatient unit at St Paul Medical Center in Dallas in”cognitive therapy”. It’s based on the belief that we get our emotions from our perceptions; the way we look at things. When we recognize the perceptions that contribute to depression and anxiety, we have choices to challenge and change them – giving us choices in our emotions and allowing us to manage depression and anxiety disorders.

Specialty Areas Include:

  • Women’s issues: parenting, infertility, balancing family and career, post partum, new mom and stay at home mom stress
  • Adults healing from sexual abuse trauma
  • Grief and loss issues: including loss of relationship
  • Family of origin issues
  • Divorce and blended families

With Cognative Therapy I  can help you…

  • Change self defeating thoughts
  • Build beliefs that are truer and feel better
  • Give you emotional support from a caring professional
  • Teach you ways to manage your depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder
  • Teach your partner to participate in the healing process
  • Help you practice emotional self care
  • Build self esteem
  • Help you Heal from past wounds including childhood abuse
  • Help you make healthy decisions to get to a better place

Confidential Care Professional Counseling can teach you the skills to deal with life stressors in the most confidential and affordable way. CCPC establishes a cost that is affordable enough to pay on your own without a concern that a group of people at a managed care company will have access to your personal information.

NOW offering telephone and online counseling services.  CALL 817 909 1820 FOR A FREE CONSULTATION.