You Should Control the Decisions In Your Divorce

family-lawYou Should Control the Decisions In Your Divorce –  I’m angry about a system that sees people at their most vulnerable and profits from the ongoing destruction of parental relationships.

My bias is that the legal professional might claim that they can protect their hurt and angry client and get them what they want without helping them take into consideration that the other side will argue for the opposite position. And most of all without helping them understand the true cost of the battle, financially, relationally and emotionally

Certainly there are conscientious attorneys who help their clients make reasonable decisions and who don’t take unnecessary adversarial actions just to increase their own income. Many family law attorneys will say that they entered the profession to help people. My question has always been- what are the long-term emotional effects of that help? I’ve had clients tell me that even when they “won” their custody case, they lost far more in the long term. Isn’t it time to find a smarter more humane approach to the ending of a marriage? You still need a good attorney to advise you about your options. Smart consumers are deciding to tell good attorneys what they need from them instead of letting litigious attorneys engage in unnecessary battles.

Tip: You decide which actions will best help your family transition.

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